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"50 out of 50 Customer Satisfaction" 

-Chevron Energy Solutions for work done at Hartnell College.

"I have been working with MBL & Sons/MBL-Energy for more than five years. MBL has smooth, effective internal processes in place that makes them one of the best contractors in the Bay Area to work with.  They are collaborative, communicative, and experts at what they do.   MBL understands everything it takes to build their canopy structures in the fast-paced, sometimes high-intensity, situations that our projects require, and have never let me down. I look forward to many years of a continued successful relationship with MBL." 

-Sal Costanzo, Sprig Electric

"I have been doing solar for over 15 years and I can say, without embellishing, that the final product I see MBL constructing on my job site here in Elk Grove California as well as the work done previously in Orange county is of the highest caliber workmanship."

-Jason Linder

Construction Manager


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-Steven Ramirez

Senior Project Director

Engie Services U.S.

"Approximately 7-8 years ago, a wonderful gentleman by the name of Mark Laubach heard that I was looking for union, one-stop shops who had experience installing solar PV on parking canopies, on rooftops, and on ground mounted structures to work on a project I was leading at a K-12 school district in the Bay Area with at least fifteen campuses.   The PV project went so well that the district asked us to come back for a Phase 2 on their remaining sites a few years later.  Mark’s son, Robert, and his crew have continued the legacy of excellent performance.  Whenever MBL has been the winning bidder on my projects, they have continuously performed very well whether it be structural engineering or the actual installation."

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