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Our in-house design engineering team is dedicated to providing precision design with a quick turn around, to meet the demands of complex and repeat designs alike. These services include:

  • Full sets of stamped drawings

  • Engineering support services

  • Design recommendations

  • Installation and custom mounting designs

  • Fulfillment of architectural/aesthetic requirements

  • In depth experience in DSA projects

    • Two DSA pre-checks​

Solar Operations and Maintenance

In addition to its design-build offerings, MBL Energy provides ongoing maintenance and operations for many of the projects it constructs, giving a unique and necessary service to ensure long term quality performance of the customers' renewable energy systems. MBL-Energy’s sister company, ProPower can undertake all your maintenance needs. With our trained staff we can handle and provide services such as:

  • Module washing

  • Electrical inspection

  • Visual inspection

  • Emergency response for system failures

  • Performance monitoring

  • Repair

  • System Optimization


Our in-house construction teams are dedicated to building robust solar structures with integrity, to meet the labor, structural and time constraints of solar installation. Some of these benefits include:

  • Licensed contractor B, C-8, C-10

  • Union and non-union labor expertise

  • Skilled labor in roofing and solar

  • Extensive experience in building over 350 Megawatts of solar PV systems in:

    • Ground mounts

    • Roof mounts

    • Parking canopies

    • Wide-span garage covers 

    • Custom specialty designs

Click here for more information about our mounting solutions.

SS MBL.jpg

MBL Energy is proud to offer SmartStorage® solutions to your next solar project.  The SmartStorage® system integrates advanced lithium-ion batteries into your new or existing solar pv system and keeps instantaneous demand power in reserve.  As your building demand starts to spike, the intelligent, predictive controllers trigger a rapid power discharge to offset the spike.  The result is a lower power demand on the grid at peak pricing times.


This allows commercial and industrial building owners and operators to take control of their energy bills and their bottom line without spending countless hours managing their systems.  The SmartStorage® system takes care of all the complexities associated with managing its customers’ power usage.  For more information on this cost saving service, please contact us at

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