Commercial Solar Project Engineering

Our in-house design engineering team is dedicated to providing precision design with a quick turn around, to meet the demands of complex and repeat designs alike. These services include:

  • Full sets of stamped drawings

  • Engineering support services

  • Design recommendations

  • Installation and custom mounting designs

  • Fulfillment of architectural/aesthetic requirements

  • In depth experience in DSA projects

    • Two DSA pre-checks​


Our in-house construction teams are dedicated to building robust solar structures with integrity, to meet the labor, structural and time constraints of solar installation. Some of these benefits include:

  • Licensed contractor B, C-8, C-10

  • Union and non-union labor expertise

  • Skilled labor in roofing and solar

  • Extensive experience in building over 350 Megawatts of solar PV systems in:

    • Ground mounts

    • Roof mounts

    • Parking canopies

    • Wide-span garage covers 

    • Custom specialty designs

Click here for more information about our mounting solutions.


Solar Operations and Maintenance

In addition to its design-build offerings, MBL Energy provides ongoing maintenance and operations for many of the projects it constructs, giving a unique and necessary service to ensure long term quality performance of the customers' renewable energy systems. MBL-Energy’s sister company, ProPower can undertake all your maintenance needs. With our trained staff we can handle and provide services such as:

  • Module washing

  • Electrical inspection

  • Visual inspection

  • Emergency response for system failures

  • Performance monitoring

  • Repair

  • System Optimization