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As a leader in solar PV rooftop solutions, MBL Energy has the experience to design, develop and install a roof mount system that fits your budgetary, output and aesthetic requirements. All of our roof mount solutions are stable, reliable and efficient, with a ten year warranty on all structures and twenty year warranty on all modules. We have multiple solutions to meet your time, and budgetary constraints, as well as the requirements of your roof:

  • Low profile tilt – these modules are mounted to hide behind existing parapet walls, while maintaining maximum solar exposure.

  • Standard racking – our standard solar racking systems are designed to be rugged, yet light weight. With our patented Beacon™ Clip technology, we are able to install modules much faster and stronger.

  • Ballasted racking – this low cost solution allows us to bypass all penetration to the roof and safely install arrays on the surface.

  • Point Loaded racking – this solution involves connecting base supports to existing rafters in the roof. This is our most common installation technique, with professional roofing and waterproofing specialists on staff. 

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